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A bellwether among LED Screen products, LED screenz, is a distinguished Purveyor, Stockist, and Service Provider of LED Displays Products and Screens in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and Rest Of India.

LED Screens for hire in Hyderabad. The LED Display Screens are also sold and serviced in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and Rest Of India. Our products feature LED screens with higher definition, flexible viewing angles, greater gray grades, quickest Refresh frequency/rate (240 HZ or more), and a super wide viewing angle in comparison to the ordinary LED screens. Apart from this the screens come with vivid brilliant colors, versatile play modes, sharp and smooth images rendering incredible visual percepts.


Have your own Indoor LED Commercial Digital Signage and Billboard Displays for promotion and public infotainment. Let LED screenz technology create a powerful communication between you and your customers.

From abstract project stage to concrete project management we provide full consultancy service and continued all round support for your installation.


LED screens, undeniably, have become a sine qua non in the leisure and entertainment arenas for the nonce.

LED screenz offer professional, economical, and comprehensive advertising solution through our LED screens.

We augment the posters of your resort, theater, amusement parks, etc. with more subject matter – multi-lingual contents to latest last minute offers – and all this with the exigency and elasticity to be able to change content as you fancy.

Avail LED screenz to help you entice and entreat customers thereby enhancing clientele.


LED screenz offer wide range of LED display boards for public and private centers in cities and towns.

We provide custom built message scrolling boards, welcome board at reception area of your office, dual sided display board, token display in banks, stock market ticker screens, destination signs of public transportation vehicles,queue management display boards for hospitals, banks embassies, airlines etc.

All display screens, designed and developed as per international industrial standards are custom made to any shape and size that suit your personal requirement.


Our interactive LED touchscreens have metamorphosed the timeworn methods of teaching, training and learning.

Ranging from lecture hall in a school to the boardroom presentations of today’s corporate world, LED touchscreens’ usage has become increasingly consistent and probative.

Depending on your requirement, a 55”, 65”, 70”, or 82” LED display panel may be used to connect to your PC, iPad, or Laptop. Along with the help of an interactive whiteboard you can fully control the presentation from your own computer.


Using LED displays not only fulfils your commercial purpose by spreading information with stunning visual effects but also aesthetically improves the location’s ambience.

LED screenz provides customized service in platforms like bus shelter, kiosks, etc. for outdoor media management and to highlight your brand label.

On highways, LED billboards, with natural colors and outstanding performance, are installed. Video walls with stunning images are used in shopping piazzas, galleria, airports, etc. to enhance advertising values.

Selecting the Right LED Screen

While picking the right LED screens, our parametric search will enable you to filter the results by these earmarks:

Color (Green, Red, Yellow, Green/Red/Yellow)

Common Pin Value (Anode, Cathode, Anode/Cathode)

Number of Digits/Alpha/Matrix/Bars (from 1 to 8), etc.

The appropriate programmable LED display chip for an LED display screen, outdoor LED display, LED digital display, LED display sign, LED display board, LED display panel, LED backlit display or any other LED display chip for programming.


LED screeenz provides a turnkey solution to permanent and mobile use of LED displays in both stadiums and high-end arenas.

Discover here an array of LED indoor as well as outdoor screens, Perimeter LED display, LED Ribbon display, Center Hung LED display, and the new-fashioned custom scoreboards as compared to obsolescent static pitch side advertising.


LED Screens PVT. LTD.
Plot No- 1/1& 2,
Somavarapu Heights,
Hilltop Colony, Erramanzil
Hyderabad, India - 500082.

+91 9849019915


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